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Immediate loading strategic Implantology

Conventional implantology undoubtedly offers optimal ways to rehabilitate teeth permanently using additional procedures like Sinus lifting, Bone grafting, Ridge splitting etc.

But we deliver where conventional implantologists quit.

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Comparison of Conventional and Basal Implant

Basal Implant

  • Can treat 98% of patient when no bone is present without bone building procedures like bone grafting.
  • Patient walk way with fixed teeth in 72 hours immediately after removal of teeth
  • Less failure rates as it is anchored to basal bone which is a destruction free bone.
  • No chance for infection around the implants (peri implantitis) as they are smooth surface which do not allow bacterial attachment
  • Minimal or zero swelling after the surgery as it is a key hole surgery
  • Patient back to normal life in 4 days

Conventional Implant

  • Bone building is needed when no bone is present
  • Extended waiting time of up to one year after removal of teeth.
  • More failure as they are placed in bone where teeth were earlier present, which starts disappearing after teeth loss.
  • More chance of infection as they are rough surface which allow bacterial attachment.
  • Swelling is present as it is more invasive
  • It takes a longer time

Please note that the patient does not have any swelling on the third day at the time of placement of teeth.

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Pre-Operative evaluation

Strategic placement of implants is planned after evaluation of bone using OPG and CBCT.

Usually we require 10 to 12 implants for complete upper jaw and 8 to 10 implants for complete lower jaw.

Day 1

Extraction of teeth followed by placement of implant

Day 2

Trail of the metal framework

Day 3

Permanent teeth fixed

Day 10

Bite adjustment

It is mandatory to deliver a fixed tooth made with plastic and metal framework as we need to correct the chewing pattern. This can be replaced after one year with ceramic or Zirconia.

We conduct training program on Basal implantology for dentists aspiring to be involved with basal implantology.

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