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world of painless dentistry

Dr.Feminath familiarizes you with 100% pain free dental treatment

A good percentage of the population are afraid of undergoing dental treatments due to the pain associated with it. They are willing to suffer the pain from the disease rather than endure pain during the dental treatment. This is more of an anxiety arising from the thought of painful injections, dental drills and extractions. Hence I felt it was necessary to come up with a solution to remove any apprehension in the minds of the public with regards to treatments.

It is made possible by the use of Acupressure and Nitrous Oxide sedation. Sometimes patients, especially those below 15 years, who come to the dental clinic for treatment are hesitant to undergo the treatment due to fear. Such patients can be treated using Nitrous Oxide sedation which helps to relieve anxiety. Others who have undergone painful dental treatments in the past will delay consulting a dental doctor until they are in acute distress. These patients can be counselled on the pain free procedure to overcome their fear and treated using acupressure.

It is through extensive research spanning over a period of 4 years that the concept of acupressure in pain free dental treatments got its full form. It is in fact a practical usage of gate control theory in neurology. When pain is stimulated while being injected, it travels through the ascending (afferent) nerves to dorsolateral horn of the spinal cord. If a corresponding pressure nerve is stimulated by means of pressure, this sensation also reaches the spinal cord. In the fifth layer of the spinal cord( Substantia Gelatinosa), both the nerves carrying pain and pressure synapse(join together) and only one nerve goes to the higher center in the brain where sensations are identified. If both pain and pressure sensations arrive at the spinal cord at the same time, only the pressure sensation is carried to the brain and thereby only pressure is sensed and not pain. Here, the spinal cord acts as a gate which blocks the painful sensation. Hence the patient will not even be aware that he has been given an injection.

The entire treatment can be done with acupressure alone with out local anesthesia . However in case of lengthy procedures like root canal treatment, there is a practical difficulty of constantly applying pressure. Hence acupressure is administered during painful procedures like injections or when patient feels discomfort during the treatment.

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, when administered will decrease anxiety by minimally depressing the level of consciousness. The patient remains conscious and responds to stimulus throughout the treatment. Hence it is called conscious sedation. First the patient is delivered 100% oxygen via a nasal mask. Nitrous Oxide is then administered in small quantities and increased gradually after evaluating the level of consciousness. Once the desired level of consciousness is achieved, the treatment is performed. After the treatment is completed, the patient is given 100% oxygen and the patient can walk out of the dental chair in 3 minutes.

It is 100 percent safe when administered by a medical professional as even when the maximum permissible level of 70% Nitrous Oxide is administered, the remaining 30% is Oxygen. In comparison, atmospheric oxygen level is around 21% which is far less than that in Nitrous Oxide administration. Hence it is advantageous even in case of asthmatic patients where they inhale more oxygen than from the atmosphere.

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